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How do you factory restore a Kocaso Android tablet through a hard reset? What buttons do you press?


While the power is turned off hold the power button and up volume button by pressing them. Keep holding them until something appears on the screen. Then release and you should be given the option to erase all the data from the Kocaso tablet.

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u have to turn it on then press the power and the up button! 

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Its not workin it doesnt give me any options it shuts off what else can I do please help me

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turn off the tablet .hold the volume up botton down and then press the power botton.Wait until the display comes on and it will take you into the boot menue to preform your reset

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Hi I have a ko aso m766 I tried to do a factory reset and now my tablet is stuck on boot into recovery mode. I tried to press power button and volume up button at the same time and also the reset button on the back of tablet still it brings me to the same screen. The tablet won't even shut off its like its I doing something wrong?

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As soon as u turn on you kocaso hold the voulum down button and the power button and you will get the reboot or reset screen.

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The correct steps to "Restore the Factory Settings" for the Kocaso M860W, are the following:

1.   Press the Home & Volume Up button at the same time

2.  Press and continue to hold the Power button, while still pressing the Home & Volume Up buttons

3.  When the DROID robot appears with the "!" on it, release all buttons

4.  Press the Volume Down button, to select erase all data and restore factory settings *((this is a general description, but anyone should be able to select the correct option here))

5.  Once the selection is made, press the Power button to select it.

6.  Press the Power button again to accept the action of deleting at the prompt.

7.  Allow the tablet to boot up.

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